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We shop a wide variety of insurance carriers to find the best policy for YOU!

With so many choices available in the insurance market finding the right insurance policy can be difficult. The process of comparing quotes as well as coverage options can be overwhelming! Let United Assurance do the heavy lifting! We shop multiple providers to find the policy with the best coverage options at the best price!

Auto Insurance
Homeowners Insurance / HO3
Renters Insurance / HO4
Condominium Insurance / HO6
Dwelling Fire / DP3
Flood Insurance
Recreational Vehicles
Umbrella Liability

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Mike Best is an excellent Insurance Agent. He is very knowledgeable in his field. I have sent dozens of clients to Mike because he truly is the BEST!
Scott Scarpelli
Wholesale Account Executive - First Guaranty Mortgage

Mike not only saved us thousands on our policy, he provided a better policy with a much wider range of coverage. Mike is your man. Trust me!!!
Timothy Mann
National Sales - Franzen Security Products Inc

Mike is easy to work with and bends over backwards for us. He’s saved us a lot of time AND money.
Jeffrey Kayden
Kayden Manufacturing